RHYTHMOS is a brand of handmade leather which works throughout the whole process from designing to manufacturing at an atelier in Kagoshima city.
The name “RHYTHMOS” is a word in the old Greek language, which is the origin of the English word “rhythm”, that refers to the appearance and shape of things.
Through our detailed work, we aim to provide customers with true representation of leather, a material embraced with rhythm of lives.
So, we prefer simple, concise designs without unnecessary embellishment. We are convinced that simplicity tells the true, real quality of our materials and excellence of our advanced techniques in the items.
We never stop to purchase the higher in quality and the better in handwork.
The materials of all RHYTHMOS items like wallets, card cases, bag, are selected by our designer himself from leathers with excellent quality.
Leathers are, in fact, raw materials produced as the side product in meat-eating habit of human world. Hence, we consider it is our mission as a leather brand to utilize this valuable materials of lives.
Leathers are from animals once alive, and thus most of them they come with expressions of life like spots, wrinkles, scar, etc. In the process of changing them into selling items, sometimes it’s unavoidable to see materials become unusable because of these flaws, while we RHYTHMOS try our very best to utilize the materials except in cases that the strength of the product would be affected.
We don’t mind to fall in love with wrinkles and freckles of mankind as we think they are unique, then why don’t we embrace these proofs in the leathers as the unique lives of animal?
All our items are hand-sewed by the brands' professionals. 3 to 4 folded speed can be attained by using machines indeed, while we do have our reasons for making everything by hands.
First, it’s the irreplaceable strengths brought by handwork. In sewing machines, top threads are always laced together with bobbin threads so everything will get untied and loosened when only one single eye is cut. On the contrary, saddle stitch of our handwork allows threads to go through holes from both the outer and inner side that it cannot be not easily cut and even when it is, the damage ends up there without any influence to the entire structure.
Besides, natural material comes with uneven thickness while in hand-sewing, professionals can feel by hands, check by eyes and adjust in fine details so that sewing won’t be blocked even in the thick parts, which may happen in machines. Only advanced techniques in handworks can sew “like a machine does” for flawless, nicely arranged pieces.


Shoichiro Ibushi

飯伏 正一郎 

いぶし しょういちろう

born in Kagoshima, Japan


Started self-learning leather crafts since 2002 when after quitting his academic-related position since university graduation. Worked as a tailor for a historical brand in the prefecture to make bags, wallets and many other precious tailor-made items, and had the first independent exhibition in 2008. Started being self-employed under the name “Rhythm” in 2010, and established “RHYTHMOS” as a corporation in 2015, an atelier with a shop and gallery was opened.
Involved in the design work of all items, and work at the front line to produce the items as one of the professionals as well.