“ZIP”, the new classic of wallet
The Wallet “ZIP” is the most popular and well-loved item among all “RHYTHMOS” product. The line has been around and long beloved since 2010. Some customers used it for a very long time with constant repairing work, some purchased multiple times for different colors, and some bought again as gift for their family and friends after their own personal use; there are different kinds of love from different users.
The idea all started from the long and professional experience of the tailor-making designer. Among all leather items, there is a huge amount of orders of wallets- from the voices of customers we came to understand truly that there are wants to have better wallets, durable and satisfying ones since customers couldn’t find them anywhere…
Just because it’s an item that almost everyone has that makes you pursue a better one for a longer use. So to say, wallet is commonly considered as a “classic”.
There are two sizes, L & S, for “ZIP” while their structure remains the same.
It’s a rectangular shape with the bottom corners softy curved. It opens at the top with a brass zip, another zipped opening is in the middle for coins with two larger pockets on both sides for cards and bills so as three pouches are being connected with each other.
Both coins and bills can be checked easily, and there are tremendous spaces for cards. It is simply a compact design with a great storage! The pocket design in the L size is perfectly good for smartphone, bankbook, or passport. It’s a versatile design equally great for everyone.