All creatures go back to nature, to be reincarnated as another new life.
The same thing can be said to leather: Animal skins to materials, materials to items, leather changes its form and shape, while the warmth of creatures are always within then.
The time goes by, a leather item changes its color and its expression, to become a one and only item for whom it belongs. Wishing our items to be something indispensable for their owners, we pursuit for good design and details, and hand sew all our items.
Every stich, we think, is a token of our gratitude to the animals who’d provided their skins, and of our pride as a brand.
※RHYTHMOS / An ancient Greek word meaning “shapes” and “figures”. Also the origin of the word “rhythm.”

Artisan:Shoichiro Ibushi

The order-made studio RHYTHM started in 2002 as a small atelier in a room of our house.
In 2010, we moved to a shop and studio in Kagoshima to launch our factory brand. We have an active presence with a wide variety of solo exhibitions and workshops inside and outside our home prefecture.
In 2015, we changed our brand name to RHYTHMOS to mark our five-year anniversary.
In 2016, we chose Terukuni-cho, Kagoshima as the location for our newly remodeled shop and studio.
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