We, RHYTHMOS hand sew all the items we produce, apart from several items that use fabrics. The technique we mainly use is called “saddle stitching,” where you first punch holes to the stiff leather, then thread the leather needle onto each end of a strand of waxed thread, and stich the leather with the two needles. The finish of the saddle stiches look like those done by sewing machines, but unlike it, all the stiches penetrate the leathers, instead of crossing in the middle. The saddle stiches, thus, are very strong and does not come apart, even if some stiches are frayed.

As you can easily imagine, hand-stitching leather takes way greater time than machine-sewing leather. Still we strongly believe that hand-stitching is the best way to manufacture leather items, to assure items’ strength. Also, by hand-sewing leathers, we can always be sensitive to the conditions of the leather.