The leather we use for our items are for the most part those made from cow skins. Basically, no cows are killed to take the leather material only- they are by-product of meat industry. Peeled skins are first salted before going to the tanners. Tanners transform the skins, which go rotten as they are, to be tough leather. There are two main ways of tannage nowadays; traditional one and modern one. The leather we use are those made by traditional tanning, which only use natural materials, and does take more time.

True that the natural and traditional tanned leather remain natural stains and marks of the original animals, and are easier to get scratches. Also, the features and qualities of the leather are not too stable- they vary of which body parts the leather was cut out. Unlike industrial materials, each cows, horse and all other animals are different. We think materials made out of animals are, thus, of course always different.

To show our gratitude to the animals who gave us their lives, we use stained or scratched parts of the leather. Hence it is possible that one wallet has a big stain in the middle, or another has uneven color created by wrinkles. For us they are not damaged items. Rather, we believe those are charms to have you think your item is a precious one that leads to a greater life.